Founder and President

Name / Surname: Emre Kartal

Age: 63 (sixty three)

Nationality: Turkey

Founder and Second President

Name / Surname: Deniz Kockaya

Age: 62 (sixty two)

Nationality: Turkey

Technical Director

Name / Surname: Claudio Raineri

Age: 65 (sixty five)

Nationality: Italy


Name / Surname: Hans-Dieter Flick

Age: 50 (fifty)

Nationality: Germany

Goalkeeper Coach

Name / Surname: Claudio Filippi

Age: 50 (fifty)

Nationality: Italy

Club Director

Name / Surname: Txiki Begiristain

Age: 51 (fifty-one)

Nationality: Spain


Club Doctor

Name / Surname: Ian Irving

Nationality: England